100% of profits are donated to the pro-gun group of your choice.

When you purchase your ribbons, you can specify that the profits from the sale will go to one of these groups,


or to any other group that you designate.

The 2nd Amendment Awareness Ribbon

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We are producing a brass gun rights ribbon to raise awareness of the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and money for groups that fight to protect these rights through education, litigation, and other activities.

The rim is approximately 0.45 inches across. If there is enough interest, we will offer other sizes as well.

The headstamp 'MOLON LABE!' (roughly, 'Come and get them!') echoes the reply of the Spartans at Thermopylae, when the vastly larger Persian army offered to let them trade their weapons for a guarantee of safety.

Don't wait for politicians like

to offer voters the same trade (our guns for false guarantees of their safety). Let everyone know right now what our answer will be, and fund your favorite pro-gun organization at the same time!